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ABOUT MS College and School of Nursing

MS College and school of Nursing Concepts is one of the leading & Innovative organization in the field of Nursing education that managed By Mr Rajesh Kumar B M and their Concepts

MS College and School of Nursing believes the following statement of philosophy. "Man created in the image of God and highest being in creation is unique, has intrinsic and is worthy of respect. His ultimate happiness is the possession of his creator. He has needs such as physical, psychological, spiritual, and social. The meeting of these needs results in a healthy and integrated person.We are one of the oldest Nursing Institutes in Bangalore

Nursing is a service that relates to the whole person through a ministry of caring an nurturing. Nursing assists individuals, families and communities wherever they are to prevent illness, promote and restore health and alleviate suffering.The unique characteristic of nursing in this institution is that the nurses are imbibed with the spirit of God, particularly his compassionate love for the poor, and the lost in the need of health care.

The basic course in Nursing prepares Nurses for the first level of nursing in both the hospital and the community. Education is a process of development that results in behavioral changes based on the acquisition and assimilation of promotion when intellectual inquiry, creativity, self awareness, self direction, maturity and responsibility are valued.

Learning is a shared endeavors of faculty and students. The faculty is responsible for the selection, direction and evaluation of the learning experience which stimulate the intellectual and personal development of students. Students are responsible for responding to the learning experiences as active participants in the identification of learning needs and in the implication and evaluation of learning activities. We provide nursing courses at an Affordable price, Compare to other Nursing institutes.


At MS College and School of Nursing, we are committed to producing lifelong learners who will excel in their nursing careers and be recognized as leaders who keep the health.

Facilitate high quality practical knowledge in all branches of nursing with superior demonstration
Our Vision
The mission is to provide quality innovative, education programs to a diverse student body, to participate in research and scholarly activities.
Our Mission
“ To establish as a premier institution imparting quality nursing education that effectively combines high academic exposure.”
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